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The game ran mostly very fine, although there were few of crashes and bugs I encountered. Hopping between Windows and the game made me lose all combat icons, and when I entered combat, I could not hit, only receive hits. The game makes me enter one quest specific combat empty handed 918kiss every time although I have weapon pre-chosen, which is sort of bad since the game's combat is challenge anyway. It makes you miss one turn, that can be lethal in combat. The game crashed few times in few days, not that much, but still proves that code can be optimized.

Age of Decadence Beta isn't perfect package in all areas, but it definitely has it's fascination - despite inconsistency. Beta leaves things to be fleshed out for final release while leaves hopes up for a great game. The game stands out in story mode, quests, dialogue, and is very good in combat part too. It lacks a bit in graphics, especially environments design, for the town feels bit hollow at times. I'd assume more sounds https://play918kiss.com/918kiss/ to come in at final version but we'll see. Best thing about this indie rpg is that it really makes you "play the role" in quest and story mode, and does it great.